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Chapter 8 - Ancient China

oracle bones
An animal bone or turtle shell used by the Shang kings of China to communicate with and influence the gods.
a picture or drawing representing words or ideas
dynastic cycle
the historical pattern of the rise, decline, and replacement of dynasties.
Mandate of Heaven
The concept developed by the Zhou dynasty that the deity granted a dynasty the right to rule and took away that right if the dynasty did not rule wisely
a study of basic truths and ideas about the world
A belief that a ruler should use the legal system to force people to obey laws
It is a philosophy which is founded by Laozi that emphasizes living in harmony with nature
a Chinese philosophy that emphasizes proper behavior
filial piety
respect shown by children for their parents and elders
Dynasty that came to power in China in 221 B.C. unuder which the first true empire of China was created
Shi Huangdi
founder of the Qin dynasty and China's first emperor
Han Dynasty
A Chinese dynasty that began in 202 BC and reunited China
A large, complex organization composed of appointed officials
Silk Roads
Land trade routes used between China and places such as Europe and Mesopotamia
involving the continents of Europe and Asia
cultural diffusion
The spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one people to another