Shakespeare Vocab

blank verse
Unrhymed verse with iambic pentameter
Ordinary writing that is not poetry, drama, or song
Drama where the central character/s suffer disaster/ great misfortune
metaphorical language
Comparison of unlike things
dramatic foil
A character whose purpose is to show off another character (ex. Benvolio for Tybalt)
One person speaking on stage (may be other characters on stage too)
A long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage. (inner monologue)
Words spoken, usually in an undertone not intended to be heard by all characters
Humorous use of a word with two meanings- sometimes missed by the reader because of Elizabethan language language and sexual innuendo
direct address
words that tell the reader who is being addressed
verbal irony
Words used to suggest the opposite of what is meant
comic relief
Use of comedy within literature that is NOT comedy to provide "relief" from seriousness or or sadness (NOT dark satirical comedy)
situational irony
An event occurs that directly contradicts the expectations of the characters, the readers, or the audience
dramatic irony
A contradiction between what a character thinks and what the reader/audience knows to be true