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Which UTP wiring uses four twisted wire pairs (eight wires) and is rated for 250MHz?

Category 6

The point at which the operational control or ownership changes from your company to a service provider is referred to as___________________.

Demarcation point or demarc

Which type of cable will you use to connect switches?

Crossover or 586B

Which RG rating of coax is used for cable modems?


Which UTP uses four twisted wire pairs (eight wires), is rated for 100MHz, and is capable of handling the disturbance on each pair caused by transmitting on all four pairs at the same time?

Category 5e

You want to connect a host to a switch port. What type of Ethernet cable will you use?

Straight‐through or 586A

What type of hardware do you need to make a computer think it has a live connection to a network even when it doesn't?

A hardware loopback

586A uses which pins to make a connection?

1, 2, 3, and 6

586B uses which pins to make a connection?

1 to 3 and 2 to 6

What are two advantages of fiber-optic cabling?

It is completely immune to EMI and RFI and can transmit up to 40 kilometers (about 25 miles).

Why would a network administrator use plenum‐rated cable during an installation? (Choose 2)

Low combustion temperature

High combustion temperature

Reduces toxic gas released during a fire

Is not susceptible to any interference

High combustion temperature

Reduces toxic gas released during a fire

Which of the following Ethernet unshielded twisted‐pair (UTP) cables types is most commonly used?




All of the above

All of the above
UTP is commonly used in twisted‐pair Ethernet like 10Base‐T, 100Base‐TX, 1000Base‐TX, and so on

UTP cable is rated in the following categories except:

Category 2

Category 3

Category 5e

Category 8

Unshielded twisted‐pair has standards from Category 2-6 for use on Ethernet networks. There is no Category 8 defined

What type of connector does UTP cable typically use?





UTP usually connects with RJ‐45. You use a crimper to attach an RJ connector to a cable

Which of the following provides the longest cable run distance?

Single‐mode fiber

multi‐mode fiber

category 3 UTP


Single mode fiber allows for the maximum cable run distances.

You need to crimp on a connector using an RJ-45 connector. Which pin-out configuration would you use to connect a host into a switch?





You would use a straight-through cable to connect a host to a switch, and that pin-out is called 586A.

Fiber‐optic cable is immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) because it:

Transmits analog signals using electricity

Transmits analog signals using light impulses

Transmits digital signals using light impulses

Transmits digital signals using electricity

Fiber‐optic cable transmits digital signals using light impulses rather than electricity; therefore it is immune to EMI and RFI.

What type of cable transmits lights from end-to-end?




Category 2

Remember that fiber‐optic cable transmits a digital signal using light impulses. Light is carried on either a glass or a plastic core

What is the main difference between single‐mode fiber (SMF) and multimode fiber (MMF)?

Electrical signals

Number of light rays

Number of digital signals

Signal mode can be run a shorter distance

Number of light rays
The difference between single-mode fibers and multimode fibers is in the number of light rays (and thus the number of signals) they can carry. Generally speaking, multimode fiber is used for shorter-distance applications and single-mode fiber for longer distances.

What type of cable should be used if you need to make a cable run longer than 100 meters?

Category 5e

Category 6


Wireless link

Standards limit UTP to a mere 100 meters. Different fiber‐optic types have different maximum lengths, but fiber‐optic is the only cable type that can extend well beyond 100 meters.

Which of the following are fiber‐optic connectors? (Select three.)








There are many different types of fiber‐optic connectors. SC, ST, LC, and MT-RJ are some of the more typical connectors in use today.

You need to connect two devices on a vertical connect and they need to send voice traffic. Which of the following cable will you use?


Cat ‐5



To connect two devices for voice on a vertical connect, the minimum cable you can use is category 5.

How many hosts on a half‐duplex segment can talk at one time?





1 - In half-duplex communication, a device can either send communication or receive communication, but it cannot do both at the same time.

Which type of cable does EMI have the least effect on?





Fiber‐optic cable only transmits light (not electricity like UTP), so EMI has zero effect on it.

How many devices can be connected to a full‐duplex segment?





2 - Full-duplex communication requires a point-to-point configuration because the collision‐avoidance circuit is disabled.

How many wires are used in UTP during transmission?





Both wiring standards for UTP (568A and 568B) utilize only pins 1, 2, 3, and 6.

A cross-over cable is used to connect all of the following except:

Switch to switch

Host to host

Hub to switch

Host to switch

Host to switch - All devices that are pinned the same for transmit and receive require a cross‐over cable to communicate directly.

Which type of cable should be used to connect to the console port on a router?

Console cable

Cross‐over cable

Straight‐through cable


A rolled cable or console cable would be used to connect a host to a router console serial communication (com) port.

The purpose of the demarcation point is to separate the customer from whom?

The branch office


The data center

The service provider

The demarcation point or demarc is the point at which the operational control or ownership changes from your company to a service provider. This is often at the MDF in relation to telephone connections and the CSU/DSU in regard to WAN connections.

You need to make a 586B cable. How many pairs will you use?





A 586B is a crossover cable and this cable uses two pairs of wires

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