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  1. formula to find an arc length
  2. then the line is tangent to the circle
  3. 2(∠ABC)=mADC
  4. minor arc
  5. they are congruent
  1. a
    what is the relationship between 2 tangent lines that meet at a point in the exterior of a circle
  2. b
  3. c If a line is perpendicular to a radius...
  4. d arc that is less than 180°
  5. e
    How would you find mADC?

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  1. how would you find ∠A (2 secants)
  2. circumference formula

  3. formula for finding the lengths of the segments of secant segments that intersect
  4. If a secant and a tangent intersect at the point of tangency...

  5. how would you find ∠A (Secant-tangents)

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  1. their corresponding chords are congruent
    if two inscribed angles of a circle intercept congruent arcs or the same arc...


  2. bisects
    BA ____?____ VT


  3. then its opposite angles are supplementaryIf a quadrilateral is inscribed in a circle...


  4. WX²=WZ×WY
    formula for finding the lengths of the segments of tangent and secant segments that intersect


  5. the intercepted arc for ∠B
    What is the red line?