Module E-Chapter 2

A urinalysis can provide valuable diagnostic information concerning overall metabolic function of what?
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What is ictotest?used for bilirubinWhat is supernatant?the top liquid portion of the urineWhat color tube top is used for a complete blood count?LavenderT/F--Hemoglobin carries oxygen to tissues and transports carbon dioxide to the lungs to be excretedTRUEWhat does hemoglobin (Hgb) measure?oxygen-carrying capacityHow fast RBCs settle to the bottom of a tube is measured by?erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)What do you do with the first drop of blood when performing a microhematocrit test?Wipe it awayWhat do you use when wiping the first drop of blood when performing a microhematocrit test?sterile gauze padHigher than normal levels of cholesterol in the blood cause?narrowing of the blood vesselsWhat does narrowing of the blood vessels lead to?heart disease and strokeWhat type of cholesterol is "good"?HDL (high-density lipoprotein)Cholesterol testing is often used to monitor?liver and thyroid functionGlucose Tolerance Testtimed testGHb can be measured and an average glucose level obtained for the past how many months?3Serologylaboratory study of blood serum for signs of antibodies produced by the antigenantibody reaction.What are 3 reasons for errors in glucose readings?1.)Not enough blood on test strips 2.)Touching the finger to the test strip 3.)Using expired test strips