Islamic Culture and Accomplishments

Islamic Culture and Accomplishments
What was the role of women in Islamic society?
a. Though they were spiritually equal, men and women had different roles within society; women were expected to still submit to men.
b. The Quran prohibited the killing of daughters and guaranteed the protection of widows.
c. Inheritance laws guaranteed a woman a share of her husband's property.
d. Muslim women had the right to consent freely to marriage and to an education.
What happened when Islam spread and non-Arabs were conquered? How did this effect women?
a. The attitudes of non-Arabs often effected Arab practices. for example, Arabs adopted the practice of veiling women in Persian and Byzantine lands.
b. Over time, Muslim women were forced to live increasingly isolated lives.
What was at the center of the Muslim economy?
What is the Dome of Rock?
According to religious believes, the possible site of Abraham's burial, built on this site of Solomon's temple and the site where Muhammad learned of Allah's will and descended to Heaven.
Dome of Rock
What type of design was featured on Islam architecture?
Geometric Designs
What is a Minaret?
Slender tower built aside a mosque and a muezzin climbs to the top and calls Muslim's to prayer.
What was the social ranking of the Muslims?
1. Muslims by births
2. Converts
3. Peoples of the Book--jews, christians, zorastrians
4. Slaves/POWs/non-Muslims
What were the accomplishments in the field of Muslim literature?
a. The Quran
b. Oral Poetry had existed long before Muhammad
c. Bedouin Poets
d. 1001 Nights
What were Muslim business practices?
a. they set up partnerships
b. they bought and sold on credit
c. they formed banks to change currencies
What were the accomplishments in the field of medicine/
a. Physicians and Pharmacists had to pass a test before they could practice
b. Hospitals were set up by the government
c. Muslim physicians traveled to rural areas and jails to provide health care
d. Physicians believed patients would heal if they had clean air to breathe.
What were the accomplishments in the fields of philosophy, mathematics and astronomy?
a. Muslim scholars studied and translated works by Greek philosophers as well as many Buddhist and Hindu texts.
b. Algebra
c. Astronomers studied eclipses, observed the Earth's rotation and calculated the Earth's circumference.

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