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  1. irreparable
  2. hapless
  3. interpolate
  4. importune
  5. conjecture
  1. a (v.) to trouble with demands; to beg for insistently
  2. b (adj.) incapable of being repaired or rectified
  3. c (n.) a guess, tentative theory; (v.) to make a guess, surmise
  4. d (adj.) marked by a persistent absence of good luck
  5. e (v.) to insert between other parts or things; to present as an addition or correction

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  1. (adj.) equivalent, having the same meaning, value, or effect
  2. (adj.) persisting in holding obstinately to old ideas or habits; unrepentant, unreformed
  3. (adj.) present in all places at all times
  4. (adj.) faultless, beyond criticism or blame
  5. (adj.) no longer in existence or functioning, dead

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  1. languish(adj.) concise, using few words


  2. laconic(adj.) concise, using few words


  3. aesthetic(adj.) pertaining to beauty; sensitive or responsive to beauty


  4. nadir(adj.) concise, using few words


  5. gregarious(adj.) living together in a herd or group; sociable, seeking the company of others