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Physical Features of Asia

Caspian Sea
World's largest lake. It lies between Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Kazakhstan.
Gobi Desert
Coldest desert except for Antartica. Lies between China and Mongolia
Arabian Peninsula
World's largest peninsula. Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the peninsula, but Yemen, Oman, and other countries are there as well.
Ganges River
Major river in India for many reasons.
Deccan Plateau
Large plateau in India, making up most of the southern part of the country.
Indochina Peninsula
Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Includes the countries of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
World's largest mountain system, lying between Nepal and India.
Huang Ho (Yellow River)
Second longest river in China, it empties into the Yellow Sea.
Persian Gulf
Extension of the Indian Ocean, it is between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.
Indus River
Begins in Tibet and flows into the Arabian Sea
Yellow Sea
Northern Part of the East China Sea, an extension of the Pacific Ocean. Bordered by China and Korea.