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cool dry room
under what conditions should x-ray film be stored?
Films will show low contrast
If the deeloper replenishment is set too low, which of the following will result? 1.films will not fix or dry 2. films will show low contrast 3. films will be too dark
broken circulation pump
which of the following will cause improper agitation in an automic film processor?
roll film
Which of the following types of film will require a sheet of leader film to guide it through the processor? A. Polaroid Film, B. Roll Film C. Mammographic Film D. CT film
Developer temperature
which of the following should be checked during the day in order to assure quality film processing? 1.repliinishment rates , 2. Hypo-retention 3 Developer temperature
It becomes oxidized
What happens to developer if it is exposed to the air for a long period of time? A. it becomes contaminated B. IT becomes oxidized C. It beocmes a milky color D. It becomes fixer
To protect it from moisture
Why does the manufacturer seal x-ray film in plastic containers? A. To prevent static B. To protect it from moistere C. To eliminate the risk of radiation fog D. To keep film clean
90-95 degrees F
Developer temperature in 90 second processors fall in which of the following ranges? A. 60-75 degrees F, B. 70-75 degrees F, C. 80-85 degrees F, D90-95 degrees F
Fluctuation in developer temperature
which of the following will have the greatest effect on causing the processor to go "out of control" A.fluctuation in developer temperature B. increased replenishment rates C. Amount of water flow D. dryer temperature too low
Black metallic silver
Reducing agents convert silver hyalide crystals into which of the following? A. Potassium bromide B. silver nitrate C. Black metallic silver D. sensitivity specks
which of the following prevents the developer from reducing unexposed silver bromide crystals? A. activator B.restrainer C, Solvent D. Preservative
remove the unexposed silver halide crystals
what is the purpose of the fixer in an automatic processor? A. reduce the exposed silver halide crystals B. remove the unexposed silver halide crystals C remove emulsion D. harden the base
which of the following is true concerning th eunexposed silver halide crystals ? 1. they are unaffected by the developer 2. They are removed by the fixer 3. They represent the latent image
The temperature of the developer
which of the following would be considered the most important factor in the development process? A. the timperature of the developer B. the amount of the developer c. the number of films developed D. the brand of developer
which of the following converts the invisible latent image into the manifest image? A. reducer B. Activator C. Preservative D. Hardener
After exposure
When is x-ray film most sensitive to safelight illumination? A.before exposure, B. after exposure C. when humidity is high D. when temperature are high
on each individual box of film
where would the expiration date for radiographic film be found A.on the inside cover of the box B.on each individual film C. on each individual box of film D. this data is kept by the manufacturer
hands must be clean and dry
which of the following is necessary while handling radiographic film?1.hands must be clean and dry 2. Move film rapidly 3.handle film only in the center
weak acid
which of the following best describes the fixer solution? A. weak alkali B. weak acid C. weak solution D. Neutral solution
accurate silver recovery
which of the following is not necessary for proper quality control of the processor? A. accurate replinishment rates B. accurate solution temperature C. accurate silver recovery D accrate time of processing
develop fix wash dry
which of the following is the correct automatic processing cycle?
a well organized quality control program will assure which of the following ? 1,minimal exposure to patients 2.consistent radiographic quality 3. minimum down-time of equipment
kodak 6bx
what type of filter is used in darkroom safelights to produce a dark red illumination ? A. kodak gbx B kodak drx C. kodak wratten 6b
what could be the cause of excessive density throughout the radiographic film? A.overdevelopment B. underdevelopment c. prolonged fixation D. too low of a development temperature
prolong the life of the solutions
what is the function of the preservative in the developer and the fixer? 1. prevent overdevelopment and fixation 2. prolong the life of the solutions 3. preserve the finished radiograph
standardized development
which of the following is an advantage of automatic film processing? A. less costly B. No need for darkroom C. Consistent radiographic quality D. Standardized development
Loss of contrast
Outdated film may show which of the following? A. loss of contrast B. Green emulsion C. Reticulation D. Inability to dry
36 Inches
How high above the working area should a safelight be installed? A. 12 inches B. 24 inches C. 36 inches D. 48 inches
Increase Density
How will an increase in developer temperature from 90 degrees to 95 degrees affect the radiographic image? A. Deacrease contrast B. Decrease density C. Increase density D. Increase distortion
fixer being splashed into developer
What is the most likely cause of contaminated developer? A. over-replinishment B. under-replinishment C. developing too many films D. fixer being splashed into developer
The inner surfaces will be unprocessed
If two films are run through the processor at the same time what will be the result? A. only the top film will be processed B. the bottom film will be clear C. both films will be normal D. the inner surfaces will be unprocessed
10-15 watt
If safelight filter and distance are correct, what size bulb should be used? A.5-7 watt B. 10-15 watt C. 20-25 watt D. 30 watt
squeegee rollers
what is the name of the rollersin the processor that reduce the amount of carry over solutions? A. entrance rollers B. Transport rollers C. Squeegee rollers D. dryer rollers
which of the following is not a system of an automatic processor? A. Transport B. replinishment C. Chemistry D.filtering
Move the film and change its direction
the purpose of the automatic processor's transport system is to? A. monitor and adjust temperature B. agitate, mix and filter solutions C. move the film and change its direction D. monitor the solutions
when the blue emitting rare earth screens are matched properly with the correct film emulsion what type of safelight should be used in the darkroom? 1.red 2.gbx 3. ultraviolet
decreased density
what will result from using single emulsion film in an ir that has two intensifying screens? A. double exposure B. decreased density C. increased recorded detail D. greater latitude
Images with excessively low contrast
which of the following will result if developer replenishment is inadequate? A. images with excessively high contrast B. images with excessively low contrast C. images with excessively high density D. dry brittle film
entrance rollers
the micro-switch for controlling the amount of replenishment used in an automatic processor is located at the A. receiving bin B. crossover rollers C. entrance rollers D. replenishment pump
film base is currently made of which of the following? A. cardboard B. plastic C. glass D. cellulose acetate
hardener is added to the developer solution of automatic processing to: 1.keep emulsion swelling to a minimum 2. decrease possibility of a processor jam-up 3. remove unexposed silver halide crystals
film size
which of the following can affect the amount of developer replenishment delivered per film in an automatic processor? A. developer temperature B. amount of film exposure C. film size D. processor capacity