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the name for the tip of the heart

SA and AV nodes

cardiac muscle tissue that is specialized to conduct rather than contract is found in these

left atrium and ventricle

chambers of the heart that contain freshly oxygenated blood

right atrium and ventricle

chambers of the heart that contain deoxygenated blood

SA node

commonly called the "pacemaker"


layer of the heart that is on the very outside surface

"lub" sound

caused by AV valves closing

coronary arteries

heart muscle is oxygenated by

chordae tendinae

connected to the cuspid valves to prevent them from flapping backwards

Papillary muscles

found in the ventricles

interventricular septum

separate the ventricles


muscular heart wall

aortic semilunar valve

prevents the backflow of blood into the left ventricle

Heart murmurs

caused by leaking valves

myocardial infarction

death of heart tissue itself


very rapid heart beat


slows down the heart


recording of the heart's electrical charges


Contraction of the heart


Normal systolic pressure for an adult


have valves to prevent deoxygenated blood from collecting in your extremities


major artery containing oxygenated blood


build-up of fats and cholesterol on vessel walls


relaxing heart

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