19 terms

Roman History Chapters 9 & 10

what did Coriolanus do?
he went outside of Rome, made friends with the enemies, and prepared to attack
who saved Rome?
Coriolanus' mother
why did the Romans admire Cincinnatus?
because he was a dictator for 15 days, then he went back to his plowing
what was a triumph?
a massive victory parade
what was an ovatio?
a victory parade not as big as a triumph
what is evocatio?
when the Romans asked the gods of the conquered city to leave that city and go to Rome
what is the purpose of evocatio?
so that the gods would not be offended
what was Veii?
a large Etruscan city
why is Veii important to Roman history?
because it was blocking Rome's expansion to the north
what was so honorable about Camillus' actions at Falerii?
He preferred honorable victory
what catastrophe occurred in 390 B.C.?
The Galls attacked Rome
what happened at the Allia?
When the Galls battled the Romans, they were able to attack Rome
who saved Rome against the Galls?
what did Manlius Capitolinus do?
he saved the capitol
who was Brennus?
The Gallic chiefton who led the attack
what does vae victis mean?
Woe to the vanquished
what was a signum?
The standard of an army
what did Torquatus do to earn his nickname?
he killed the Gall and took the necklace from him
what did Torquatus do on behalf of his father?
he told the tribune to drop the charges against his father