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  1. dominance
  2. black
  3. implied line
  4. mid-tones
  5. plane
  1. a The values located in the center of a achromatic or chromatic scale. Mid-tones are values that are midway between black and white
  2. b the dominant structure or organization of a composition in which all the elements conform to.
  3. c the absence of light where all rays are absorbed (subtractive)
  4. d A continuous surface limited by edges
  5. e Implied lines (subjective lines) are those that dim, fade, stop, and/or disappear. The missing portion of the line is implied to continue and is visually completed by the observer as the
    line reappears.

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  1. The equilibrium of opposing or interacting forces in a composition
  2. the proportion and arrangements of lights and darks in a composition
  3. The distribution of light and dark in a picture. From the Italian 'chiaro' for clear or light and 'oscuro' for obscure or dark
  4. A visually perceived area defined by value, line, color, texture, and/or space. Shapes can be organic, geometric, abstract, representational, complex or simple.
  5. In art, the line that defines the outermost limits of an object or a drawn or painted shape, It is sometimes considered to be synonymous with "outline"; as such, it indicates an edge that also may be defined by the extremities of darks, lights, textures or colors.

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  1. assemblagea three-dimensional form of collage with bulky 3D objects added to the painted surface


  2. foregroundin a landscape, the space between the foreground and background: trees. bushed, and buildings, for example


  3. diminution of valueValue of an object seen free from the effects of light and shadow.


  4. calligraphyElegant, decorative writing. Lines used in artworks that possess the qualities found in this kind of writing may be called "calligraphic" and are generally flowing and rhythmical


  5. mixed mediaeye travel directed by visual pathways in a work of art