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  1. dominance
  2. tromp l'oeil
  3. line quality
  4. time/motion
  5. foreshortening
  1. a A formal condition that implies a change in a visual environment, it implies a happening or event. A sequence of events that is interdependent of one another. Sometimes referred to as 4D.
  2. b A characteristic of line determined by its weight, direction, uniformity, or other features
  3. c the dominant structure or organization of a composition in which all the elements conform to.
  4. d The perspective effect means that something seen lying away from us appears to be shorter than if it were viewed full on: a circle, for example, becomes an ellipse. Or when you shorten the lines of (an object) in a drawing or other representation so as to produce an illusion of projection or extension in space.
  5. e where the artist fools you into thinking that all or part of a painting is the real thing, from the French for "decieves the eye". Objects are often in sharp focus and depicted in meticulous detail

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  1. The placement of elements in a composition that keep the viewers attention inside of the picture
  2. the first movement you see in a composition
  3. A continuous surface limited by edges
  4. A visually perceived area defined by value, line, color, texture, and/or space. Shapes can be organic, geometric, abstract, representational, complex or simple.
  5. A formless and indistinct shape without obvious edges, like, for example, a cloud.

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  1. implied lineA method for producing areas of value by clustering small dots or points


  2. imbalanceThe equilibrium of opposing or interacting forces in a composition


  3. cast shadowThe dark area projected from an illuminated form onto other objects or the background.


  4. formThe apparent or actual solidity or three-dimensionality of a drawn, painted, crafted or sculpted object. The composition and structure of the work as a whole.


  5. expressionThe intentional arrangement of visual elements on which artists base their work. It is often synonymous with the term composition.