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an area, often including Indian villages, that Spain gave to the colonists

Columbian exchange

The movement of people, plants, animals, technology, and diseases across the Atlantic after Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas


a person who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs


a settlement ruled by another country


a Spanish solider who conquered lands for Spain

Why do we not know much about the Tanino?

There are no written records from the Tanino.

What was special about Cortes's army when fighting the Aztecs?

They had steel weapons, gunpowder, and guns.

What did the Spanish do to get more work done?

They forced the Native Americans to work in exchange for housing and food. The Spanish also used African slaves when they ran out of Indians.

There are many effects of the Columbus Exchange. Name some.

European disease killed millions of Native Americans;
Spain sent horses, seeds, and cattle to the Americas;
the Americas sent turkeys, fruits, and tobacco to Spain.

Corondo explored the southwestern part of the United States. What was he looking for?

the seven cities of gold

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