36 terms

Sociolgy ch.9 exam#3

group with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from another group
Both a myth and a reality
people who still believe in a superior race (hard to pinpoint)
W.I. thomas
"A situation defined as real, is real in it's consequences"
cultural characteristics that distinguish a group of people ( this is what makes us different)
Louis Worth
minority group - a group singled out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination
How does a minority group become such a group
through cultural and physical characteristics not valued by the dominant group
Dominant group
a group that has more power, priviledges, and higher social status
Political expansion
losers become the minority
voluntary and involuntary = people who were forced
unfair treatment directed towards somebody
How to construct ethnic identity
1. influenced by group size and power 2. if a group is relatively small, has little power and is the object of discrimination
(Emory Bogardus) social distance
how closely people are willing to interact with members of a particular category
Scapegoat theory (conflict theory, also Theory of Prejudice)
person or category of people typically with little power who people unfairly blame for their own faults
Who developed a social scale?
Emory Bogardus
Authoritarian personality T.W. Adorno
prejudice & discrimination are an extreme personality trait
Authoritarian personality
this group of people always assume that their position is always right
Structural functional
the social environment can be delibrately arranged to generate positive or negative fellings about people (in group, out group)
The In- group
people feel loyalty towards
The Out-group
groups that people feel antagonism towards
Social conflict
inequality and division (ruling class)
What two ways do the elite keep workers divided?
they keep workers insecure and by maintaining racial & ethical conflict divisions
Conflict theorist says?
The elite keep people fighting amongst our self over race issues when we should be fighting those at the top together
Reserve labor force?
unemployed people
Symbolic interaction?
applying labels to people
Selective perception?
seeing certain features of an object or situation but remaining blind to others
attempted or actual systematic annihilation of a race or ethinic group that has been labelled less than human
Population transfer?
involuntary movement of a minority group
Indirect transfer?
making it difficult so that people choose to move
Direct transfer?
forcing people to move
Internal colonialism
societies policy of exploiting a minority by using social institutions to deny access to full benefits (medicaid &medicare)
formal seperation of groups
a minority group is absorbed into other groups
Forced assimilation?
dominant group prohibits minority group from practicing religion, language, and customs
Permissive assimilation?
minorities decide on their own to adapt to dominant group patterns
permit and encourage ethnic variations (minority group maintains own identity, but participate freely in social institutions)