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History Chapter 11 Lesson 3

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a warrior that went on the military expeditions undertaken by European Christians to win the Holy Land from Muslims
one who is a nonbeliever in Christianity
Jerusalem is a holy city to what three religions?
Jew, Christians, and Muslims
Pope Urban's reason for going to war?
winning the Holy Land from the infidels, united western and eastern christians
Knight's reason for going to war?
granted the land they conquered, adventure, and got to use their fighting skills
Peasant's reason for going to war?
church promised immediate salvation to anyone killed while helping recover the Holy Land, adventure, didn't have to pay rent or work for lord while gone
Where did the crusaders go first? What city did they conquer first?
Nicea, the Seljuk capital conquered June 1097
What were crusader states? Where were they?
small outposts that were run like feudal kingdoms in Europ, chose kings- no more power than a feudal lord
Stretched from Turkey to Jerusalem
What was the outcome of the first crusade?
The crusaders slaughtered the Muslims and Jews and made the city the capital of another crusader state
Why was there a second crusade?
the Muslims began to overpower the crusader states
Who was Saladin?
the leader of the Muslim forces, served in the army of Syria, united small Muslim groups, becam supreme leader of Egypt and Syria in 1171
What happened at the Horns of Hattin?
the Muslims surrounded the crusaders, out numbering them, set whole valley on fire, crusaders were killed and sold into slavery
What happened when the Pope heard the knights had lost the Second Crusade?
he died of grief
What kings went on the Third Crusade?
Emperor Fredrick I of Germany
King Richard of England- nickname = "Lion Hearted"
King Phillip II of France
What happened at Acre?
Muslims surrendered, Richard became impatient with Saladin so he exocuted all 2700 Muslims
What treaty did Richard and Saladin make?
the crusaders could keep their cities along the coast of Jaffra north, and pilgrims could once again freely visit the holy places
What happened during the fourth Crusade?
crusaders stole boats (and everything of worth) from Constantinople (a CHRISTIAN city!!!!!) and burnt it down, never made it to Holy Land, called the sack of Constantinople
In what ways did the crusaders hurt western Europe?
Jerusalem satyed under Muslim control, people lost respest for crusaders because of abuse against innocent, slaughtered eastern and western jewish population, destroyed Jewish towns, Constantinople=destroyed
In what ways did they help Western Europe?
trade expanded, business, in European towns boomed, in Muslim Empire= higher standard of living, paved and well lit roads, Venetians learned glass making, Italian trade cities had treaties with Muslim rulers, taught Europeans about new and better weapons and tactics, gunpowder, poetry and music grew, women were seen as holy, pure, and good, christianity spread, strengthend nation governement and pride, monarch's power grew, new more about the world!!!!!