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metabolism reproduction evolution
what are the minimal properties of life?
origin of first organic cells
meteorites from interstellar clouds caused this to happen; then the event was propelled by physical processes on earth like atmospheric reactions as well as underwater reactions
Protobionts (protocells)
aggregations of organic molecules that may conduct some simple metabolism; some are bound by phospholipid membranes (liposomes)
reducing atmosphere hypothesis
suggests that protobionts formed spontaneously in the primordial soup, randomly enclosing different proteins and nucleic acids - natural selection then favored those that could function and reproduce efficiently
deep sea vent hypothesis
suggests life first formed in tiny cavities in volcanic rock around underwater vents
they did everything yo! ; RNA molecules that can serve as enzyme-like catalysts and replicate themselves but most importantly may have been the basis for the simplest protocells
mineral surfaces
where does polymerization of nucleic acids and proteins take place when speaking about evolution of the first life?
the build up of oxygen
what step lead to more complex organisms in a origin of life theory?.. it comes from photosynthesis
how many billion years ago did the first eukaryotic cells show up around?
layered deposits (growths that are caused by living organisms like coral reefs) that early photosynthetic bacteria built up