22 terms

chapter 8

The types of information you use to develop and explain your main points are
supporting materials
Supporting materials are used to
strengthen your speech, and depending on how they are used, can build audience interest, enhance audience understanding, win audience agreement, and/or evoke audience emotion
Imagine that you are doing a speech on hiking safety. Which of these supporting materials would be the best choice for capturing the listeners' attention?
a short, humorous story about a hiking trip gone mildly wrong
Which of these strategies will be most helpful in enhancing the audience's understanding of your topic?
providing real-world examples in your speech
Imagine that you are giving a speech to encourage listeners to vote against an incumbent senator. Which of these statements is most likely to make the audience feel angry?
Senator Bedfellow has voted to raise your taxes six years in a row
Imagine that you are preparing a speech in which you are arguing for the need to spay or neuter animals. Which of the following would be the most effective example to support your position?
With the number of adoptions down, the number of stray cats and dogs rising, the pound is putting down nearly a dozen animals a week
You would most likely want to include an extended example in a speech on
the influence of lobbyists on federal legislation.
For which of these topics would you most likely need to include definitions?
when your speech involves terminology that the average person is unfamiliar with, such as medical terms like the effects of diabetes on the body
Etymology is the study of
word origins
Which of these people should you turn to for an expert definition of a legal term?
An expert definition is a definition provided by
a person who is a credible source of information on your topic.
Which of these is an example of a functional definition?
Your computer uses RAM, or random-access memory, to perform certain tasks while it is running, unlike the computer's main memory, which is reserved for storing programs and data.
functional definition is a definition that explains
how something is used or what it does
An expert's opinion about a specific topic is called
expert testimony
Imagine that you are preparing a speech in which you are arguing that the government should install free wireless Internet access all over the country. Which of the following statistics should you include as an example to support your position?
Experts estimate that nearly $500 million worth of business is lost each year due to people's inability to access the Internet away from home.
When including statistics in your presentation, you should
you should use them in conjunction with visual aids, limit the number of statistics you present, and present them in context to help the audience better understand their implications
Anecdotes can be used to
to illustrate a point, to capture the audience's interest at the beginning of a speech, and to reenergize your listeners after tackling complex or technical material
When including a quick anecdote in a typical classroom presentation, how long should it last?
5-10 minutes
Which of these is the best example of an analogy?
Financial transactions make the economy move just like fuel makes an automobile go
An analogy is a comparison based on
similarities between two phenomena
When using supporting materials, you should
appealing to different learning styles, avoiding long lists, considering your audience, and respecting the available time.
Which of the following strategies would be most effective for reaching active listeners?
having the members of the audience close their eyes tightly to simulate blindness during a speech on vision impairment