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  1. frame of reference
  2. velocity
  3. balanced forces
  4. Newton meter
  5. work
  1. a a group of objects from which you can measure a position or motion; starting place for directions
  2. b when forces act on an object without changing its motion
  3. c the measurement of the energy used to perform a task;
  4. d also known as joules; measuring work and energy
  5. e the measurement that combines speed and direction of a moving object

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  1. the location of an object
  2. force = mass x acceleration; the greater the mass, the greater amount of force needed
  3. energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only change form
  4. when a force causes an object to change its motion
  5. how fast an object's position changes over time; distance divided by time

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  1. energythe measurement of the energy used to perform a task;


  2. frictiondepends on the hardness of the objects and how hard the objects are pushed together


  3. momentumthe product of mass multiplied by velocity


  4. potential energyenergy that is stored in an object


  5. frictionthe location of an object