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Arithmetic Logic Unit; the portion of a CPU that is responsible for intensive mathematical calculations.


Advanced Micro Devices; company responsible for manufacturing Phenom, Athlon, Duron, Sempron, Opteron, and Turion processors.

Back-Side Bus

High speed connection between CPU and cache memory


Specialized memory residing on-board the processor or processor packaging that stores the information just used by the CPU in an effort to predict what the processor will need next

Clock speed

Same as clock rate; this is the maximum speed a CPU can process data per second

Clock Multiplier

Quartz crystal on the motherboard that sets the clock rate for the motherboard and CPU


Central Processing Unit; the brains of the computer.


Front side bus, high speed connections between CPU and RAM


Intel technology that combines two processing threads together allowing a single processing core process two threads at one time.


Company responsible for manufacturing Pentium, Celeron, Core, Xeon and Atom CPU chips


CPU chips that contain more than one processing core in a single package die


Static Random Access Memory; the type of memory that does not need to be refreshed and that cache memory is made out of.

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