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Checking account

a bank account from which a depositor can withdraw money using a check or a debit card


money out in a bank account


a written order directing a bank to pay a certain amount of money from the account of the person who signs it to the persons name


the lowest amount of money a depositor can keep in an account without being charged an additional fee


money that a bank pays your for keeping your money in that bank


an automatic machine a machine that allows you to take money out of or put money into your banking account using a special card

signature card

a card you sign when you open a bank account

deposit slip

a form you fill out that shows how much money you are putting in the bank


a form that the bank gives you that shows how much money you put in or took out of your bank account

check register

a small chart where you record the checks you write and the deposits you make


the amount of money in a bank account

savings ac count

a bank account on which interest os paid and from which a depositor can withdraw money

withdraw slip

a form used to take money out of the bank

bank statement

a report that the bank sends you to show how much money is in your accounts

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