motivation for settlement
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-charter granted by King George
3 ways of funding
1) Trustees were solely for the benefit of settlers of Great Britain
2) Public donations: originally private subscriptions but not sustain -> charitable individuals
3) Parliament supported Georgie through direct parliamentary grants
-> public expenses covered by charitable individuals/ govt. so there was no need for colonists to pay taxes -> No representative assembly to levy taxes
-strict rules/ governing of life -> stifled early development and ensured failure of Oglethrope's vision
-for many years no foundation of self-govt.
-common council: govt. body of Georgia which met in London
-after frustration with the lack of growth in the colony it returned to the control of the colony to the king who permitted a representative assembly
Nicholas Amatis-was there for the founding of colony -rumors that destroyed silk warms right before his death -> industry fell into Jacques Camuse and his wife that supposed to teach Georgians art of silk- windingwhy was Georgia different-trustees-> military motives: wanted area against Spain as Spain's power decreased; wanted a military buffer; refugee for impoverished and criminals ~philanthropic motives~