11 terms

11 Body Systems - Functions

Digestive System
1. Chewing Food
2. Digestion
3. Eliminating Waste
4. Passing nutrients to the body
Circulatory System
1. To pump blood around the body.
Respiratory System
1. Carries air into and out of the lungs
2. Vocalization
Immune System
1. Helps the body fight off illness.
Urinary System
1. Produces urine to help eliminate waste from the body
Endocrine System
1. Produces hormones which help in reproduction and growth
Reproductive System
To make babies :)
Nervous System
1. Controls all body movements.
2. Receives messages from your senses.
Integumentary System
1. Body's outer protective later.
Skeletal System
1. Give the body support.
2. Protect the internal organs
Muscular System