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Skeletal system

Provides a rigid framework for the body and stores minerals.

Muscular system

Provides movement, body posture, and heat.

Edocrine system

Uses hormones to regulate body functions.

Respiratory system

Exchanges oxygen and CO2 and regulates acid base balance.

Nervous system

Uses electrochemical signals to integrate, communicate and control body.

Urinary system

Cleans the blood of metabolic wastes and regulates electrolyte balance.

Lymphatic system

Transports fatty nutrients from the digestive system to the blood.

Integumentary system

Protection of underlying structures, sensory reception, and regulation of body temperature.

Cardiovascular system

Transports substances such as nutrients, proteins, wastes, hormones , from one part of the body to another.

Digestive system

Physical and chemical change in nutrients and absorption of them.

Reproductive system

Ensures the survival of the species rather than the individual.

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