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Supreme Court Cases

Schenck v. United States
Establishes clear and present danger test.
Gitlow v. New York
Encorporates free speech to the states.
Tinker v. Des Moines
Students shed some rights at school, but others are kept unless there is a disruption.
Texas v. Johnson
Burning the flag is constitutional.
United States v. O'Brien
Burning draft cards is unconstitutional.
Everson v. Board of Education
Government can fund private schools if they are funding for a nonreligious service.
Engle v. Vitale
No prayer in public schools.
Wallace v. Jaffree
Teachers cannot set aside daily moments of silence.
Lemon v. Kurtzman
Establishes the lemon test.
Employment Division v. Smith
States are not required to accommodate otherwise illegal acts done in pursuit of religious beliefs.
Reynolds v. United States
Religious duty is not a suitable defense to a criminal indictment of the country.
Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao do Vegetal
Native Americans can use normally illegal hoasca for religious ceremonies.
New York Times v. United States
No prior restraint unless there is a national security risk.
Near v. Minnesota
Encorporates freedom of press to states.
Miranda v. Arizona
Must be told rights under arrest and before interrogation.
Gideon v. Wainwright
Right to an attorney at trial.
Wolf v. Colorado
States don't need probable cause to search.
Mapp v. Ohio
4th Amendment encorporated to the states.
New Jersey v. TLO
Schools only need reasonable grounds to search.
Veronia School District v. Acton
Random drug tests of atheletes in schools is constitutional.
Griswold v. Connecticut
Establishes right to privacy.
Roe v. Wade
Allows abortion during the first trimester.
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Establishes undue burden test.
Barron v. Baltimore
States do not gave to compensate for private property taken.
Kelo v. City of New London
Governmewnt can take private property if it benefits public and they give compensation.
Furman v. Georgia
Temporary stay on death penalty.
Gregg v. Georgia
Reinstates death penalty in certain cases.
Roper v. Simmons
No dealth penalty for minors.