True or false: A plaintiff may seek removal of jurisdiction in federal court.
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True or false: Ann is served with a subpoena to appear at a deposition that is scheduled to be conducted at a location more than 200 miles from her home and must appear at the deposition or face contempt of court.FalseTrue or false: A Motion for Protective Order is filed by a party that seeks remedy from another party for failure to respond to discovery requests?FalseTrue or False: A Motion for Summary Judgment is a form of a responsive pleading to a Complaint.FalseTrue or False: A case that is dismissed with prejudice means that the case can be refilled.FalseTrue or False: A defendant that has a claim against another defendant should file a counterclaim.FalseSummons are issued pursuant to which federal rule?Rule 4Per F.R.Civ. 6(d), how many additional "mailing" days are added from the time a document mailed out?3 daysWhich of the following is not a form of a response to a Complaint? 1. Answer 2. Motion to dismiss 3. Motion for a more definite statement 4. None of the above4. none of the aboveWhich of the following must be filed within 14 days of an original Answer? 1. Third-Party Complaint 2. Counterclaim 3. CrossclaimThird-Party ComplaintA Crossclaim is filed by one party against:Co-PartyWhich area is contained in a 26(a) Initial Disclosure: 1. Witnesses 2. Exhibits 3. Damages 4. all of the above4. all of the aboveWhich area is contained in a 26(a) Initial Disclosure:Letters RogatoryWhich federal rule sets forth how depositions are conducted?Rules 30 & 31Interrogatories fall under which federal rule?Rule 33What is the limit of Interrogatories each party may serve without stipulation or order from the court?25Interrogatory responses are due within how many days of service?30What is the mileage limit for a non-party to travel for a deposition?100What form of discovery is served requesting a party to an action to produce documents?Request for Production of DocumentsA Notice of Appeal must be filed within:30 days after entry of final judgmentThe party that files a responding brief is the:AppelleeDan brings a federal lawsuit against Tom and Jerry for negligent operation of a traveling circus. Jerry claims that he should be indemnified by Tom because he is a limited party in the business that runs the circus. What type of pleading should Jerry file? A. Answer B. Crossclaim C. Answer and counterclaim D. Answer and crossclaimD. Answer and Cross claimJoe, a resident of Arizona, causes an accident in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and injures Nancy, a resident of California. Nancy sues Joe in California state court and seeks $90,000 in damages. Joe can remove the case to which federal court? A. Arizona B. California C. Either A or B D. Case Cannot be RemovedA. ArizonaBetty is a resident of Arizona and a non-party who need to be deposed in a federal civil action pending in Colorado. Where should her deposition be conducted?ArizonaIn-personampersonal jurisdictionSlanderSpoken defamationad-damnumThe Prayer or "Wherefore" clauseres-judicataThe Thing Adjudicatedvoir-direExamination of potential jurorssummonsA writ served with the ComplaintCounterclaimA claim filed by defendant against a plaintiffRemandAppellate court send case back to trial courtCross-examinationTrial examination of a witness by opposing counsel