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the teaching that god became flesh through the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of god and the child of the virgin mary


the announcement by the angel gabriel to the virgin mary that god wanted her to be the mother of the savior, jesus christ

God and man

Jesus is both


son of god


blessed mother

Holy spirit

through ________ mary conceived jesus


a distant relative of mary who was barren but conceived a child in her old age.

Elizabeth's pregnancy

a sign that go was at work with the coming of the messiah


a word that means YHWH is salvation or savior


freely entered into God's plan of salvation


upright man who knew jesus wasn't his so he wanted to divorce mary quietly


Joseph's job


the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God and of the virgin mary


took place nine months after the angel's announcement to mary and joseph


feast day of the nativity

Bethlehem in Judea

place where the nativity took place


God's greatest gift to all humanity


foster and legal father of Jesus


rushed his family away to egypt to escape herod the great who was killing all of the male infants in Bethlehem


Jesus' hometown


descendent of King David


likely died before Jesus' ministry


raised Jesus in the Jewish faith


a loving, graceful, manly, hard-working, prayerful, and courageous man


patron saint of workers


a first century heresy that taught that Jesus only seemed human

If jesus only seemed human, he only Seemed to rise from the dead for our salvation

problem with docetism


god becoming flesh or human


man god

1. the word became flesh to reconcile with god on behalf of humanity's original sin
2. Jesus showed god's love to us
3. Jesus was the perfect model of holiness if we imitate him
4. jesus made if possible for us to live in god's nature

Jesus' blessings through incarnation


all we know about jesus came from them


galileans who had direct contact and experience with Jesus and knew him as a healer and a teacher


witnesses to jesus' arrest and condemnation as a criminal and saw him raise from the dead


Jesus' followers were not afraid to go out and proclaim the good news

knowledge of the bible

is essential for anyone who wants to know Jesus Christ


lived most of his life in Galilee


learned carpentry from his foster father


active jew and was circumcised

John the baptist

jesus was baptized by ________

40 days

the amount of time jesus was in the desert

repentance, the coming of God's kingdom is at hand

Jesus' message

cured lepers, restored sight and sound to deaf and blind, he fed crowds with few loaves of bread, and exorcised demons

jesus' miracles


experienced human pain, fatigue, and a variety of emotions


had a strong personality

spoke with unique authority, didn't verify other jewish teachers, associated with tax collectors and protitutes

why jesus angered some authorities


what jewish officials accused jesus of and therefore turned him over to pontias pilate


cruelest form of capital punishment


crime the romans accused jesus of when he claimed he was King of the jews


the rising of jesus from the dead on the third day after his death on the cross.


Jesus was able to conquer death because he is _______

Resurrection and glorification

reveal jesus' true identity of the son of god

real jesus

the jesus that resurrected as a living person who god revealed as both christ and lord


seven visible signs of invisible grace


efficacious signs


comes to us in the sacraments


powerful signs of christ's love and guaranteed encounters with the risen lord


jesus is this in the body of christ and gives life to the rest of the members


jesus was born in _______


when we respond to the least of people, we are responding to_________


jesus is in everyone.... espcially the_________


a truth about God and his saving plan that will always be beyond human understanding

Christ's whole life

through this we are redeemed


every aspect of Jesus' life is related to _____________

humility and obedience

jesus modeled this


the celebration of the manifestation of god in Human form


the manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles


jesus is____

matthew and Luke

have infancy narratives


religion that the magi followed


first to see Jesus


shows that jesus came for all people

presentation in the temple

the presentation of the infant JEsus by Mary and Joseph in the Temple took place forty days after his birth

presentation in the temple

this ritual observed the Law of Moses and marked the end of forty days of purification for the mother after childbirth.

presentation in the temple

completed the redemption of a firstborn son with a ritual offering

hidden life of jesus

refers to Jesus' as a child and young adult


jesus is the opposite of ________ because jesus obeyed his mother and father

to prepare the way to Jesus

John the Baptist's mission

Jesus was already born without original sin but he still freely accepted this humility

why john the baptist was surprised that Jesus wanted to be baptized


preached a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins

1. rocks into bread
2. to jump off the temple in Jerusalem
3. to worship satan instead of god

Satan's temptations

Capernum in the province of galilee on the sea

Where Jesus preached

when john the baptist got arrested

when jesus started to preach


prophesied that messiah would teach in galilee

Conversion and repentance

Jesus' two major messages

God is taking part in Human history

part of Jesus' message

Simon Peter and Andrew


simon peter

first pope

james and johns

two sons of zebedee

Simon peter, andrew, james, and john

first four apostles


tax collector


the kingdom of God is open to ____________


a figure of speech or statement that seems contradictory but actually contains a hidden truth


jesus is a perfect example of a _____________

Jesus was a man who served and died for him and his love won salvation for us

why Jesus is a paradox

1. physical healings
2. exorcisms
3. nature miracles
4. raising people from the dead

4 types of Jesus' miracles

physical healings

demonstrate the power jesus had over sin and reveal that the coming of God's kingdom brings wholeness and true happiness


the driving out of evil spirits, established the power jesus had over satan

nature miracles

attest to Jesus' power over the forces of nature since all of creation came through him

raising people from the dead

proved that jesus had mastery over life and death and was truly the son of god


any thought, word, or act that expresses hatred or contempt for God, Christ, the church, the saints, or holy things


a grave sin contrary to the second commandment


the glorious transformation of jesus that manifested his divine identity for peter, james and john on a high mountain, the event is reported in all synoptic gospels


involved the appearance of elijah and moses symbolizing that jesus had fulfilled old testament promises

Elijah and Moses

2 old testament prophets who were present at the transfiguration

joseph Caiaphas

high priest who charged jesus with blasphemy

paschal mystery

the life death and resurrection of jesus Christ

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