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phlegmatic (adj.)

calm, hard to rouse to action

corroborate (v.t.)


comprehensive (adj.)

thorough/large in scope and content as to include much

zealous (adj.)


coerce (v.t.)


elapse (v.t.)

slip by

meticulous (adj.)


domicile (n.)


lax (adj.)


sporadic (adj.)

occasional/not marked by regularity

rash (adj.)

too hasty/reckless

conjecture (n.)

guess/inference or judgment based on incomplete evidence

obviate (v.t.)

do away with/eliminate

lurid (adj.)

sensational/causing shock or horror

quip (v.i.)

joke/say something witty and clever, mostly impromptu

diatribe (n.)

bitter criticism/bitter, abusive denunciation

inhibition (n.)


fortuitous (adj.)


incoherent (adj.)


ilk (n.)


prestigious (adj.)

illustrious/esteemed/having prestige

placard (n.)

poster/sign or notice for display in a public place

integral (adj.)

essential/constituent/possessing everything essential

remuneration (n.)


nominal (adj.)

slight/existing in name only

expunge (v.t.)

erase/wipe out

flamboyant (adj.)


anathema (n.)

something greatly detested/one or something that is cursed or damned

schism (n.)


utopia (n.)

place of perfection/impractical idealistic scheme for reform

fair weather friends

unreliable friends who fail one in time of distress

to sow one's wild oats

to lead a wile, carefree life


unexpected financial gain

to wear one's heart on one's sleeve

to make one's feelings evident

to wash dirty linen in public

discuss private affairs openly

to save face

to avoid disgrace

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