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Religion- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

The Bible Chart we have in Religion on Matthew Mark Luke and John (* are the ones she went over in class)
Matthew- date of writing
70-90 AD
Mark- date of writing*
65-70 AD
Luke- date of writing
70-90 AD
John- date of writing*
90-100 AD
Matthew- place of writing
Anitoch in Syria
Mark- place of writing*
Luke- place of writing*
John- place of writing
Syria or Palestine
Matthew- target audiance
Jewish Christians
Mark- target audiance*
Luke- target audiance*
John- target audiance
All Christians
Matthew- purpose of writing*
Jesus is the long awaited Messiah
Mark- purpose of writing*
Present Jesus through his actions and miracles
Luke- purpose of writing
Account of the ministry of Jesus
John- purpose of writing
To lead to faith in Jesus as God's son so those who believed would recieve eternal life
Matthew- portrait of Jesus
Promised Messiah
Mark- portrait of Jesus
Suffering servant, hidden Messiah
Luke- portrait of Jesus*
Son of Man
John- portrait of Jesus
Son of God/Word of God
Matthew- character of author*
Mark- character of author
Luke-character of author
John- character of author*
Theologian (one who teaches about God)
Matthew- major emphasis
Jesus' teachings
Mark- major emphasis*
Jesus' actions
Luke- major emphasis*
Jesus' humanity
John- major emphasis
Jesus' teachings
Matthew- theme*
Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy
Mark- theme*
Luke- theme
Jesus defends all (gives salvation to all)
John- theme*
Jesus is the divine son of god