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reapair damage in the south


official forgiveness of a crime

radical republicans

people who believed that the civil war had been fought over the moral issue of slavery

pocket veto

when a bill dies

freedmans bureau

to help blacks adjust to freedom

black codes

laws that resricted blacks rights

fourteenth amendment

turning point, equal rights amendment

civil rights

A citizens liberties garunteed by law and equal treatment.


charge with wrongdoing in office


northern republicans who moved to the postwar south


white southern republicans


farming some portion of a planters land

tenant farming

paying rent to the land you want to farm


the public property and services that a society uses

enforcement act of 1870

banned the use of force, terror or bribery to prevent people from voting because of their race

solid south

combined with other white southerners to form a new bloc of democratic voters

compromise of 1877

Compromise that enables Hayes to take office in return for the end of Reconstruction

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