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  1. commodious
  2. amass
  3. self-indulgence
  4. accomplice
  5. encircle
  1. a spacious and comfortable
  2. b partner in crime
  3. c collect (gradually, in a very large amount)
  4. d surround
  5. e excessive indulgence of one's own desire

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  1. the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes or opinions
  2. include; consist of
  3. hold back (the natural expression of); restrain; crush; oppress; Ex. repressed child; Ex. repress a laugh/rebellion
  4. name; title
  5. object of general attention; person or thing that is a center of attention; CF. Ursa Minor

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  1. chaperonslow gallop; V. CF. trot


  2. gamutmeans; effort; Ex. by dint of hard work


  3. profusiongreat amount; plenty; overabundance; excess; lavish expenditure; Ex. profusion of choices; ADJ. profuse: plentiful; copious; giving or given abundantly; extravagant


  4. ragamuffindirty child in torn clothes; person wearing tattered clothes


  5. oblivioncompulsive habitual need