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8th vocab 3- entertainment

These words are the foundation of everything we will do throughout the year in 8th grade English.

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A struggle between opposing forces. Man vs. Man, Man vs. society, Man vs. himself and Man vs. nature.
A unique combination of speech sounds that identify speech with a particular group of people.
Clues in a story that suggest later events
A reference within a piece of literature to another work of literature, art, or music or to a well known historical event, person, or place.
A central character that lacks all the qualities generally associated with heroes
A contrast or discrepancy between what is stated and what is really meant, or between what is expected to happen and what actually does happen.
A noun that has its own meaning and stands for something else. Use of images to represent emotions/feelings/internal realities/thoughts (dove=peace, heart=love)
dynamic characterization
a character who changes throughout the course of the story
static characterization
A character that does not change during the plot of the story
internal conflict
A struggle between opposing needs, desires, or emotions within a single character.
external conflict
A character struggles against some outside force: another character, society as a whole, or some natural force
Main character in a story
Determining time and place
Conversation between two or more characters
indirect characterization
the author reveals to the reader what the character is like by describing how the character looks and dresses, by letting the reader hear what the character says, by revealing the character's private thoughts and feelings, by revealing the characters effect on other people (showing how other characters feel or behave toward the character), or by showing the character in action.
direct characterization
How an author tells his or her reader about the character