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Why did King Louis XVI call a meeting of the Estates General to be held in spring 1789?

To get approval for new taxes on the Third Estate.

Which of the following revolutionary leaders came to oppose the violent excesses of the Revolution?

George-Jacques Danton

Why was the Revolutionary Tribunal created?

To eliminate people who threatened the Revolution from within.

Eurpoeans outside of France reacted to the executin of Louis XVI with..


Which of the following legislative bodies ended the monarchy and proclaimed France a republic?

National Convention.

Correct sequence of legislative bodies that governed France during the Revolution, from first to last?

National Assembly, Legislative Assembly, National Convention, Directory.

Many peasants came to oppose the Revolution because..

they oppoed the Revolution's anticlerical moves & the draft.

The French people welcomed Napolean becayse..

he promised order after the chaos of the Revolution.

Why did Napolean sell the Louisiana territory to the US?

His failure to take back Saint Domingue led him to abandon his dream of empire in the Americas.

What caused Napolean to pull his troops from Spain?

The Guerilla war raged by Spanish people.

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