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food chain
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FalseT/F learned behaviors are inheritedTrueT/F food, water, protection from consumers, and shelter are four basic needs of all living thingsFalseT/F the environment is the living part of an ecosystemFalseT/F any organism that lives on or in another organism and gets food from that organism is called a hostTruePlants need sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water for photosynthesisTrueAnd energy pyramid shows how energy moves through one food chain in an ecosystemPopulationAll the organisms of the same species that live in an ecosystemCommunityAll the different species that live in a particular ecosystemNicheAn organisms specific function or job in the ecosystemhabitatThe place where an organism livesIndividualEach living member of an ecosystemProducersOrganisms that get their energy directly from the sun and change the energy into a form that other organisms can useDecomposersOrganisms that breakdown dead things and wastesConsumersOrganisms that depend on producers for foodcarnivoreWhat is a consumer that eats only other consumers called?Food webWhat are several food chains linked together called?InstinctsWhat are God-given basic knowledge and skills that an animal needs for survival called?ScavengerWhat keeps the ecosystem clean by eating what has already diedPreyWhat are the animals that a predator hunts called?Because that's where the geese go to live in the spring and summer timeFor several weeks you and your friend have observed the geese migrating north. It is a sign that spring is coming soon. What does that mean spring is coming soon?It helps Christians to learn how to better take care of our environmentWhy should a Christian learn about the interactions in ecosystems?To get away from whether that is too hot or too coldWhat is one reason animals might migrate?