History Art History Quiz 3

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Hagia Sophia is Greek for _______.

Holy Wisdom

The Hagia Sophia was built from

532 - 537

The Hagia Sophia was built by the emperor _____________.


The ________ _______ conquered the Byzantines and turned the Hagia Sophia into a _______ in _____.

Ottoman Turks; mosque; 1453

The Hagia Sophia is now a ________.


The Dome of the Hagia Sophia is _____ feet in diameter


There are ____ windows at the base of the dome of the Hagia Sophia


The _______ were the _(#)_ supports that allowed the Byzantines to place the round dome onto the square church.

Pendentives; 4

Gold was a symbol of the ______.

Heavenly Realm

The Hagia Sophia was built in the ______ plan.


The "center" in the central plan is _______ in shape.


The Church of San Vitale is located in _________ ________.

Ravenna Italy

The Church of San Vitale was built in the ____.

6th c.

Justinian is presented as the ________ in one of the murals in the Church of San Vitale


In the mosaic of Theodora, a(n) _______ is on her head.


The Church of San Vitale was built in the ________ plan.


The _______ __ ___ _____ is the 2nd holies shrine in Islam.

Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock was built in _____.


The Dome of the Rock is a _____, not a ______.

shrine; mosque

The Dome of the Rock is built on _______ _________ in _____________.

Mount Moriah; Jerusalem

Supposedly Muhammad was taken to the _________ ___ ____ _______ in a vision.

Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock is located on the place where ___________ almost ______________ his son Issac.

Abraham; sacrificed

The lacy, geometric patterns on the outside of the Dome of the Rock are called "_________".


The Great Mosque of Cordova is located in _______.


The Great Mosque of Cordova was built by the _______ dynasty leader ____-__-_____ I in the _______(years).

Ommiad; Abd-al-Rahman; 780's

The Alhambra is located in _________.


The Alhambra was built from _________.

1338 - 1390

The Muslims entered into Spain in ____.


The Alhambra fell in _______.


Kaaba is Arabic for "_____"


The Kaaba is the ______ place in Islam


The Kaaba is at the center of a ________.


The Kaaba is thought to be made out of _________ ________.

Granite Block

The Kaaba is _____ feet tall.


2 of the Kaaba's walls are ____ feet wide (lesser number)


2 of the walls of the Kaaba are ___ feet wide (larger number)


The black stone is located on the ____ corner of the Kaaba.


The black stone is located ____ feet above the ground on the Kaaba


The Kaaba is covered by the _______, a black silk curtain embroidered with golden ________ text.

Kiswah; Koranic

The only entrance to the Kaaba is located _____ feet above the ground.


The Black Stone is ____ inches in diameter


______ _______ stick into the stone to hold it in place

Silver nails

The black stone was stolen in _____.


Pilgrims walk around the Kaaba ___ times and try to _________ at the stone.

7; point

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