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  1. Mosque
  2. Curvilinear
  3. primary colors
  4. two-point perspective
  5. Still life
  1. a Composed of curved lines
  2. b system of perspective in which there are two vanishing points
  3. c Representation of inanimate objects such as fruit, flowers, or pottery
  4. d Characteristic place of worship for Muslims
  5. e the pure hues (red, blue, yellow) from which all other colors can in theory be mixed and that cannot be created by mixing other hues

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  1. painting applied to, and made integral with, the surface of a wall
  2. system of perspective in which there are a number of vanishing points caused by multiple buildings or other objects
  3. Book written by hand; mainly referring to medieval and Renaissance books.
  4. having to do with, or incorporating, movement
  5. Movement in a linear direction caused by a visual element other than an actual line

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  1. vanishing pointin the linear perspective system, the point at which the orthogonals, if extended, would intersect


  2. vantage pointpoint of view of the observer


  3. linear perspectivesystem of perspective in which diagonal lines convey the effect of distance


  4. shape2D area enclosed by lines or denoted by anges in color or value


  5. SeascapeImage of a scene of, or at, the sea