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  1. 3D
  2. Still life
  3. local color
  4. shade
  5. secondary colors
  1. a to darken a color by adding black
  2. b hues produced by combining two primary colors (i.e.: red + yellow = orange)
  3. c Representation of inanimate objects such as fruit, flowers, or pottery
  4. d having height, width, and depth
  5. e color sensation imparted by a nearby object in clear daylight

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  1. style in which lines are used to depict figures with precise, fully indicated outlines
  2. color that is lighter than a hue's normal value (i.e.: pink is a tint of red)
  3. the five main colors (red, violet, blue, green, yellow) in the color wheel of Albert Munsell
  4. Color whose pure hue has been "broken" through the addition of another, often complementary, color
  5. Hues containing a common color, though in different proportions

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  1. linear perspectivemathematical system devised in the renaissance to create the illusion of depth in a 2D image through the use of straight lines converging toward a vanishing point in the distance


  2. ManuscriptBook written by hand; mainly referring to medieval and Renaissance books.


  3. LandscapeImage of natural scenery


  4. pointillismPainting technique in which color is built up through the use of dots of color


  5. Multiple-point perspectivesystem of perspective in which there are two vanishing points