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  1. Silhouette
  2. Implied line
  3. optical mixing
  4. Chiaroscuro
  5. Muse
  1. a "light-dark" in Italian; the subtle gradation of light and shadow to create the effect of 3D
  2. b Movement in a linear direction caused by a visual element other than an actual line
  3. c tendency for the eyes to blend individual colors placed close to one another and to see a different, combined color
  4. d One of nine daughters of Zeus in Greek mythology who inspire creativity; more generally, a source of inspiration
  5. e Outline of an object, usually filled in with black or some other uniform color

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  1. degree of lightness (high value) or darkness (low value) in a hue
  2. quality of being perceptible by the sense of touch
  3. a) in 2D art, the use of value to suggest light and shadow and thus create the effect of mass and weight

    b) in sculpture, the creation of form by manipulating a pliable material such as clay
  4. painting applied to, and made integral with, the surface of a wall
  5. style in which lines are used to depict figures with precise, fully indicated outlines

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  1. Atmospheric perspectiveTechnique for creating the illusion of distance by the use of less distinct contours and a reduction in color intensity


  2. Color WheelCircular, 2D model illustrating the relationships of the various hues


  3. Complementary Colorscolors made by combining a primary and a secondary color that are adjacent on the color wheel (i.e.: yellow + orange = yellow orange)


  4. ForeshorteningPattern of superimposed parallel lines (hatching) on a 2D surface to depict shading and shadow


  5. Intensityquality of being perceptible by the sense of touch