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  1. tint
  2. Foreshortening
  3. Intensity
  4. vantage point
  5. Stone Age
  1. a color that is lighter than a hue's normal value (i.e.: pink is a tint of red)
  2. b Prehistoric period dating from approximately 1,500,000 B.C., when people used stone tools
  3. c degree of purity of a color
  4. d point of view of the observer
  5. e Use of perspective to represent an object extending back in space

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  1. color sensation imparted by a nearby object in clear daylight
  2. painting applied to, and made integral with, the surface of a wall
  3. Color whose pure hue has been "broken" through the addition of another, often complementary, color
  4. degree of lightness (high value) or darkness (low value) in a hue
  5. flat surface of a drawing, painting, or relief

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  1. AfterimageVisual sensation that persists after the external stimulus that first caused it has ceased


  2. vanishing pointpoint of view of the observer


  3. simultaneous contrastBook written by hand; mainly referring to medieval and Renaissance books.


  4. ChiaroscuroThick application of paint, usually oil or acrylic, to a canvas or panel


  5. DivisionismPainting technique in which color is built up through the use of dots of color