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  1. Analogous Hues
  2. shading
  3. linear
  4. Cross-hatching
  5. secondary colors
  1. a style in which lines are used to depict figures with precise, fully indicated outlines
  2. b Hues containing a common color, though in different proportions
  3. c hues produced by combining two primary colors (i.e.: red + yellow = orange)
  4. d Pattern of superimposed parallel lines (hatching) on a 2D surface to depict shading and shadow
  5. e gradual change from light to dark on a surface

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  1. system of perspective in which every orthologonal leads to a single vanishing point
  2. Image of natural scenery
  3. "vanished in smoke" or "toned down" in Italian; the definition of form by using gradations of light and shadow to produce a hazy effect
  4. Visual sensation that persists after the external stimulus that first caused it has ceased
  5. system of perspective in which there are a number of vanishing points caused by multiple buildings or other objects

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  1. Atmospheric perspectivesystem of perspective in which there are two vanishing points


  2. shadeto darken a color by adding black


  3. tactilityquality of being perceptible by the sense of touch


  4. GenreOne of the transparent celluloid sheets on which the figures and objectsk in animated cartoons are drawn


  5. MosqueCharacteristic place of worship for Muslims