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  1. secondary colors
  2. Figurative
  3. primary colors
  4. one-point perspective
  5. shadow
  1. a area of dark created when an object blocks light
  2. b the pure hues (red, blue, yellow) from which all other colors can in theory be mixed and that cannot be created by mixing other hues
  3. c hues produced by combining two primary colors (i.e.: red + yellow = orange)
  4. d Representing a human (or animal) figure in a recognizable way
  5. e system of perspective in which every orthologonal leads to a single vanishing point

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  1. gradual change from light to dark on a surface
  2. Book written by hand; mainly referring to medieval and Renaissance books.
  3. Image of natural scenery
  4. system of perspective in which diagonal lines convey the effect of distance
  5. Image of a scene of, or at, the sea

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  1. shade2D area enclosed by lines or denoted by anges in color or value


  2. Calligraphyquality of being perceptible by the sense of touch


  3. MosqueOne of nine daughters of Zeus in Greek mythology who inspire creativity; more generally, a source of inspiration


  4. masshaving height, width, and depth


  5. Impasto3D form, often implying bulk, density, and weight