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  1. roundel
  2. Impasto
  3. shape
  4. Coffer
  5. Multiple-point perspective
  1. a circular panel, window, or niche
  2. b 2D area enclosed by lines or denoted by anges in color or value
  3. c system of perspective in which there are a number of vanishing points caused by multiple buildings or other objects
  4. d Thick application of paint, usually oil or acrylic, to a canvas or panel
  5. e Recessed geometrical panel in a ceiling, often used as a decorative element and forming a continuous pattern; also used to reduce the weight of a ceiling

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  1. Scenes of everyday life
  2. Composed of curved lines
  3. having a color scheme based on shades of black and white or on values of a single hue
  4. painting applied to, and made integral with, the surface of a wall
  5. Association (usually formal) between one image and another

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  1. secondary colorshues produced by combining two primary colors (i.e.: red + yellow = orange)


  2. AfterimagePrehistoric period dating from approximately 1,500,000 B.C., when people used stone tools


  3. Contour LineLine representing the outline of a figure or form


  4. principal colorsthe pure hues (red, blue, yellow) from which all other colors can in theory be mixed and that cannot be created by mixing other hues


  5. Complementary ColorsHues that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel


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