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  1. Landscape
  2. orthogonals
  3. tint
  4. Divisionism
  5. Seascape
  1. a Image of a scene of, or at, the sea
  2. b Painting technique in which color is built up through the use of dots of color
  3. c color that is lighter than a hue's normal value (i.e.: pink is a tint of red)
  4. d Image of natural scenery
  5. e converging lines, perpendicual to the picture plane, that meet a the vanishing point in the system of linear perspective

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  1. system of perspective in which there are a number of vanishing points caused by multiple buildings or other objects
  2. system of perspective in which every orthologonal leads to a single vanishing point
  3. having to do with, or incorporating, movement
  4. tendency for the eyes to blend individual colors placed close to one another and to see a different, combined color
  5. Hues that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel

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  1. secondary colorscolors made by combining a primary and a secondary color that are adjacent on the color wheel (i.e.: yellow + orange = yellow orange)


  2. FigurativeRepresenting a human (or animal) figure in a recognizable way


  3. ManuscriptBook written by hand; mainly referring to medieval and Renaissance books.


  4. AfterimageVisual sensation that persists after the external stimulus that first caused it has ceased


  5. CubismArtistic style developed in the early 20th century by Braque and Picasso, in which the artist changed the traditional notion of space by fragmenting planes into solid geometric shapes


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