which items might you find on your bank statement that may not be in your check register?
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t or f: a weak password is one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, files, and devices and to protect yourself from identity theftfalsewhat is a document you send with your resume to provide more information about you?cover letterwhy is your digital footprint so important?b/c it never goes awayWhat are some other deductions that could be deducted from your gross pay?life insurance, retirement plan, medical/dental insurance, disability insurance, contributions to charitywhat is the total amount of money an employee earns before any deductions are made?gross paywhat are the mandatory deductions that are taken out of gross pay?state income tax, FICA, local income tax, federal income taxwhat is the amount left after all deductions for taxes and benefits payment are taken out of the gross pay?net paywhat is a 401k?retirement planhow do you balance a checkbook?you record your deposits and withdraws in a register. you would also need to be aware of bank fees.which savings account will earn you the most money?one that compounds interest dailywhat is a share of ownership in a company?stockt or f: an emergency fund helps you prepare for unexpected expensestruet or f: when creating a budget, you should only consider incomefalsewhat documents should you use to help you estimate your expenses?credit card statements, investment statements, records of cash expenses, bank statementswhat are some of the criteria that you should consider when choosing a college major or a career?all of the abovewhat is a resume? what should be put on it?a resume is a document giving details about your experience and qualifications for a job. you should include your work experience and education.t or f: every password should be at least 5 characters longtrue