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Afferent impulses from all senses and all parts of the body converge here and synapse with at least one of its nuclei.


caudate nucleus

Part of the basal nuclei

auditory area

temporal lobe

Primary sensory cortex

Parietal Lobe

Somatic motor cortex

Frontal Lobe

Motor Speech Area

Frontal Lobe

Premotor area

Frontal Lobe

Visual area

Occipital Lobe

Language/speech comprehension

Temporal Lobe

Taste (gustatory) area


Seat of intelligence, abstract reasoning

Frontal Lobe

A major relay station for sensory information ascending to primary sensory areas of the cerebral cortex. Contains many specialized nuclei.


This brain area associates experiences necessary for the production of abstract ideas, judgment, and conscience.

Prefrontal Area

The axons from this area form the major pyramidal tracts.

Primary motor Cortex

This area is the main visceral control center of the body.


Gateway to the cerebrum


Motor Commmand center


Survival center

Brain Stem

Executive Suite


Visceral command center


Petit mal seizures found in children go away with age


Specific motor and sensory functions are localized in specific areas called domains whereas memory and language have overlapping domains


A flat EEG is a good indication of deep sleep


cerebrospinal fluid circulates within the ventricles of the brain and in the subarachnoid space outside the brain.


The RAS is comprised of specific pathways primarily in the limbic system


The first obvious sign that the nervous system is forming in the embryo is the thickening of the surface ectoderm to form the neural plate


The left cerebral hemisphere is usually dominant


The limbic system acts as our emotional or affective brain


The canal connecting the third and fourth ventricles and running through the mid brain is the foramen of monro


commissural fibers form the corpus striatum


Projection fibers in the brain mainly connect the right and left hemispheres


Most of the ascending and descending pathways to and from the brain cross over from one side of the body to the otehr


one functional center found within the medulla oblongata is a respiratory center involved in the control of the rate and depth of breathing


sorting of sensory info and relaying it to the appropriate cerebral sensory area occurs in the hypothalamus


the abor vitae reffers to

cerebral white matter

the brainstem consists of the

midbrain, medulla and pons

the primary auditory cortex is located in the

temporal lobe

spinocerebellar tracts

carry proprioceptive inputs to the cerebellum

what cells line the ventricles of the brain

ependymal cells

the vital centers for the control of heart rate respiration and blood pressure are located in the


which fissure separates the cerebral hemispheres

longitudinal fissure

which of the following best describes the cerebrum

executive suite

a shallow groove on the surface of the cortex is called a


which of the following generalizations does not describe the cerebral cortex

the hemispheres are exactly equal in function

if the posterior portion of the neural tube failed to develop properly the

spinal cord may be affected

the central sulcus separates which lobes

frontal from parietal

the hypothalmus

is the thermostat of the body because it regulates temperature

ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are called


the frontal lobe is separated from the temporal lobe by the

lateral sulcus

an individual who could trace a picture of a bicycle with his or her finger but could not recognize it as a bicycle is most likely to have sustained damage to the

visual association area

brocas area

is considered a motor speech area

which part of the cerebral cortex is involved in intellect cognition recall and personality

prefrontal cortex

the process of linking new facts with old facts already stored in the memory bank is called


the brain area that regulates activities that control the state of wakefulness or alertness of the cerebral cortex is the

reticular formation

which of the following is not a funtion of the CSF

initiation of some nerve impulses

which of the following structures is probably not directly involved in memory


the area of the cortex that is responsible for sensations of the full bladder and the feeling that your lungs will burst when you hold your breath too long is the

visceral sensory area

white matter (myelinated fibers) is found in all of the following locations except the

cerebral cortex

loss of ability to perform skilled motor activites such as piano playing with no paralysis or weakness is specific muscles might suggest damage to the

premotor cortex

which brain waves are not normal for awake adults but are common for children


the fourth ventricle is continuous with the

central canal

the large commissure that connects the right and left sides of the brain is called the

corpus callosum

the infundibulum connects the hypothalamus to the

pituitary gland

the _________includes the thalamus hypothalamus and the epithalamus


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