Michelle Kwan

10 terms by nghorner

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Heart of a Champion


To take part in a contest. (verb)
Synonym: challenge
Antonym: quit


Must do or complete, mandatory. (verb)
Synonym: expected
Antonym: optional


Synonym: show


Urgent or forceful demand. (noun)
Synonym: urgent
Antonym: easy going


Top level; the most carefully selected part of a group. (adjective)
Synonym: exclusive
Antonym: beginner


360 degree turns. (noun)
Synonym: a turn
Antonym: stay in place


People who design or plan dance movements. (noun)
Synonym: teacher
Antonym: student


Spread out. (verb)
Synonym: share
Antonym: keep


Someone who participates in an athletic activity for fun and no pay. (noun)
Synonym: beginner
Antonym: expert


To be overpowered. (verb)
Synonym: helpless
Antonym: confident

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