Chapter 2

What does liquidity measure?
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Net Working Capitalcurrent assets - current liabilitiesNet IncomeRevenues - ExpensesGriffins goat farm has sales of 796,000, costs of 327,000, depreciation expense of 42,000, interest expense of 34,000, and a tax rate of 21%. What is the Net Income?Pompeii, inc., has sales of 46,200, costs of 23,100, depreciation of 2,200, an interest rate of 1,700 and a tax rate of .22. What is the operating cash flow?The 2017 balance sheet of Dream, inc., showed current assets of 4,810 and current liabilities of 2,230. In 2018, the balance sheet showed current assets of 5,360 and current liabilities of 2,970. What is the change in NWC between the two years?During 2018, Raines Umbrella Corp. had sales of 705,000, COGS of 445,000, selling and administrative expenses of 95,000, depreciation of 140,000. The company also had an interest expense of 70,000 and a tax rate of 25% What is the company's net income? What is the company's OCF?