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Why does the Arabian Peninsula have such a small population?

Lack of fresh water and fertile soil.

What are the three major religions of the Middle East?

Judaism, Christianity, & Islam

What do desalination plants/factories do?

Convert salt water into fresh water.

What religion are a vast majority of the people follow?


Why was the Middle East a "Crossroads of the World?"

The major trading routes of ancient times all passed through the Middle East.

Oil Situation

The Middle East has a large amount of oil, but it is not distributed evenly.


An area in the desert that can sustain life.

Created 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.


Created 360 degrees in a circle


Used geometry to survey fields


Created city-states.


Code of Hammurabi

Created public laws where the punishment fit the crime.

Developed the earliest form of our modern alphabet.


Carried culture throughout the lands sorrounding the Mediterranean Sea.


Broke vast empire up into smaller provinces with local rulers loyal to an emperor.


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