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  1. Frederick W. Taylor, Scientific Management
  2. D-Day
  3. Commonwealth status
  4. Lend-Lease Act (1941)
  5. Emilio Aguinaldo
  1. a selfgoverning country owned by another country
  2. b A program in which the United States supplied war supplies to the U.K, Soviet Union, China, France, and other Allied nations during WWII in exchange for military bases in Bermuda and the West Indies.
  3. c the leader of the nationalist
  4. d In 1911, this work was published to describe that the application of the scientific method to the management of workers could improve productivity.
  5. e Planned June 5th-June 6th, 1944 Germans occupied Normandy France Germans though it would occur at Calais and goal was to liberate Paris

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  1. A policy of favoring native-born individuals over foreign-born ones.
  2. a genre of popular dance-style music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles
  3. Group of WWI vets. that marched to D.C. in 1932 to demand the immediate payment of their goverment war bonuses in cash
  4. it is when their is something like a tie
  5. Assistant Sceretary of the Navy; 26# President; youngest president and republican

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  1. Rev. Josiah Stronga group of people


  2. Harlem RenaissanceUnited States aviator who in 1927 made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean (1902-1974).


  3. Population growthWhite hate riots in L.A. during WWII against mexican youth because they though they were not conserving for war


  4. Calvary regimentRoosevelt's recruited group pf men; army troop


  5. National Origins Act (1924)rebels that sought to free their nation from anothers rule


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