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  1. Progressive
  2. Pedestrian (ADJECTIVE)
  3. GRESS
  4. Pedal
  5. Millipede
  1. a Commonplace, as a pedestrian performance; unimaginative; dull
  2. b Going forward to something considered better (antonym: retrogressive)
  3. c (literally "thousand legged creature"); Wormlike creature with two pairs of legs on most of its segments
  4. d Step (stage, part of a procedure, etc.)
  5. e Lever acted on by the foot

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  1. Act of going from better to worse; deterioration (antonym: progression)
  2. Sensitive to the mental perception of what is appropriate on a given occasion. (literally "sence of touch")
  3. 1.) Pertaining to the sence of touch
    2.) Tangible
  4. 1.) Dependant on something else (literally "touching together")
    2.) Accidental
  5. Untouched or uninjured; kept or left the same (antonym: defective)

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  1. RegressiveDispose to move ("step") backwards; retrogressive


  2. PEDFoot (Footed, Legged)


  3. ImpedimentHinder (literally "entangle the feet"); obstruct; block (antonym: assist; aid)


  4. Pedestrian (NOUN)Commonplace, as a pedestrian performance; unimaginative; dull


  5. GraduatedArranged in regular steps, stages, or degrees.