16 terms

Chapter 15 Section 1

Black Earth
Ural Mountains
Separates the Northern European and West Siberian plains
Europe and Asia is considered to be a single continent called
A region that consists of the republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia
Central Asia
A region that includes the republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
The part of Russia that lies on the continent of Asia
The Northern European Plain
What is the name of the region's westernmost lowland?
Tian Shan
What mountain range separates Russia from Transcaucasia?
Two large desserts stretch across the plain
What factor contributes to the dry conditions on the Turan Plain?
The Kara Kum and The Kyzyl Kum
What are the names of the two islands that stretch across the Turan Plain?
It carries about 60 percent of Russia's river traffic
Why is the Volga one of the region's most important rivers?
The world's most fertile soils is on this plain
Why might a large part of the region's population live on the Northern European Plain?
Called the Region's breadbasket because of the enormous grain crops produced on its farm
Southeastern border of Central Asia
Where are the great wall of mountains located?
Lake Baikal
A freshwater lake in Russia that is the deepest lake in the world
thermal pollution
When hot water is discharged from hydroelectric plants