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  1. signs of dyspnea
  2. pleural effusion
  3. hypercapnia
  4. pulmonary fibrosis
  5. flail chest
  1. a flating of nostrils, reaction (pulling back) of intercostal spaces, retractions of tissue between the ribs
  2. b presence of fluid in the pleural space; results from fluid coming through capillaries
  3. c fractures causing instability of chest wall, paradoxic movent, impairs gas exchange
  4. d excessive fibrous or connective tissue i lung
  5. e increased amount of CO2 in the blood: depression of respiratory center by drugs; diseases of the medulla;

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  1. tidal volume gradually increases followed by gradual decrease and a period of apnea before returning to a normal respiratory pattern; from conditions that slow blood flow to the brainstem
  2. autosomal recessive inherited disease on chromosome 7; causes abnormal expression of a protein affecting airway, bile duts, pancreas, sweat ducts and vas deferens
  3. the subjective sensation of uncomfortable breathing, the feeling of being unable to get enough air
  4. coughing up of blood or bloody secretions
  5. bluish discoloration of skin and mucous membranes; reduced hemoglobin in blood

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  1. pneumothoraxpleural effusion where the fluid is pus


  2. hypoxemiadecreased amount of CO2 in the blood resulting from respiratory alkalosis


  3. respiratory failurefluid of solids that have gotten into the lungs


  4. aspirationinflammatory response results in bronchial smooth musc spasm, vascular congestion, edema, production of thick mucous, impaired mucociliary function, thickening of airway walls and hyperresponsiveness; toxic neuropeptides cause acetylcholine-mediated bronchospasm


  5. tuberculosisinfection caused by myobacterium; MDR strains; phagocytes engulf bacilli; form granulomatous tubercle, changing to cheeselike caseation necrosis and scar tissue