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the study of the beginning and the end of the universe


a single point of immense energy present at the time of the big bang


positively charged electrons

Big Bang Theory

theory which states that the universe began about 15 billion years ago with the explosive expansion of a singularity

steady state theory

theory which states that there was no beginning to the universe and that the universe does not change in appearance

Nuclear reactions

reactions involving the breaking of bonds between particles protons and neutrons inside the nuclei of atoms. a

absolute zero

temp at which the particles that mark up and object or substance have no kinetic energy approx -273.15C

big crunch theory

a theory which proposes that the universe will snap back on itself resulting in another singularity

big chill theory

a theory which proposes that the universe will continue indefinitely until the stars use up their fuel and burn out

big rip theory

universe with rip apart due to accelerating expansion.

Doppler Effect

observed change in frequency of a wave when the wave source and observer are moving in relation to each other


light from a source separated out into the sequence of colours, showing the different frequencies

Red shift

shift of lines of a spectral pattern towards the red end when the source is moving away from the observer

Blue shift

shift of lines in a spectral pattern towards the blue end when a light source is moving rapidly towards the observer.

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