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Vocab concours

dare, do, dedi, datum

donner (la date, dater)

delectare, o

charmer, faire plaisir (delecter, delectable)

incitare, o

encourager (inciter)

nuntiare, o

annoncer (nonce, annonciateur)

parare, o

preparer (parer, preparatif)

placare, o

apaiser (implacable)

habere, habeo, habui, habitum

avoir, tenir (habitude)

manere, maneo, mansi, mansum

rester (permanent)

movere, eo, movi, motum

agiter, emouvoir (moteur, emotion)

obsidere, eo, obsessi, obsessum

assieger, attaquer (obsession)

placere, placeo, placui, placitum

plaire, etre agreable a (+D--> placide)

praebere, eo, praebui, praebitum


currere, curro, cucurri, cursum

courir (course, concours)

defendere, o, defendi, defensum

defendre (defense)

ducere, duco, duxi, ductum

conduire, mener (conducteur)

expellere, o, expuli, expulsum

chasser (expulsion)

mittere, o, misi, missum

envoyer (la mission)

scribere, o scripsi, scriptum

ecrire (le script)

tradere, o, tradidi, traditum

livrer, transmettre (la tradition)

vincere, o, vici, victum

vaincre (la victoire)

advenire, io, adveni, adventum

arriver (advenir)

aperire, io, aperui, apertum

ouvrir (aperitif)

audire, io, audi(v), auditum

entendre, ecouter (l'audition)

munire, munio, muni(v)i, munitum

fortifier, proteger (munir)

revenire, io, reveni, reventum


accipere, io, accepi, acceptum

recevoir (accepter)

facere, io, feci, factum

faire (facteur)

rapere, io, rapui, raptum

enlever (rapt)

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