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Science Matter unit. SOL 5.4

There are over 100 known elements that make up all ________.


The the smallest part of an element is an _____.


Anything that as mass and takes up space.


All things, living and dead, are made of matter. True or False


When two of more elements combine to make a completely new substance is called a ____________.


The smallest part of a compound is a _______. It is made of two or more atoms.


H2O is a compound known as ______.


NaCl (Sodium Chloride) is a compound called _____.


Combination of two or more substances that do not lose their identifying characteristics when combined is called ______.


A mixture in which one substance dissolves in another is called a ______.


Matter can exist in what three states?

solid, liquid, and gas

If you heat a solid, it may:

melt into a liquid

If you heat a liquid, it may _____.

evaporate into a gas

If you cool a gas, it may _______ into a liquid.


If you cool a liquid, it may _________ into a solid.


________ keep their shape and have a fixed size, shape, and volume.


_______ take the shape of their container. They have a movable surface, but their volume is fixed.


_______ take the shape of their surface. The size, shape, and volume of _____ changes depending upon the size of the container.

Gas, gas

Clouds, dew, water droplets on the outside of a glass on a hot day, are all caused by ______.


As temperature increases, many kinds of matter change from a solid to a liquid to a ____.


When you heat matter, the atoms and molecules:

move faster and usually spread apart

What three particles make up an atom?

protons, neutrons, electrons

All matter, regardless of size, shape, or color, is made of particles (atoms and molecules) that are too ______ to be seen by the eye.


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