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Geocultura Capítulo 5


la capital fundada en 1541 por Pedro de Valdivia

Chilean peso


www.[ ].cl

Internet code

la cueca

el baile nacional de Chile

El Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael

En el sur de Chile; tiene un glaciar espectacular

Viña del Mar

una playa en la costa pacifica

Isla de Pascua (Rapa Nui)

600 estatuas de piedra conocidos como moais

Desierto de Atacama

el desierto más seco del mundo

el Altiplano

una región en el norte donde viven animales como llamas y alpacas en condiciones extremas

La Isla Chiloé

Vivid colors and wooden designs characterize the houses on this southern island.


This city in northern Chile has examples of mudéjar architecture, an Arabic style introduced by Spaniards.

El pastel de choclo

a meat pie topped with mashed corn.

Los mariscos

Chileans eat a great variety of seafood from the Pacific Ocean. One dish is called curanto.

La Fiesta de La Tirana

This town near Iquique holds this major festival each July; its roots are from Incan ceremonies, Chinese carnivals, and Spanish fiestas.

Los mapuches

The culture of these people in southern Chile can be seen in their customs, handicrafts, traditional dress, and festivals.

Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) y Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957)

These two famous Chilean poets each won a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Pedro Lira (1845-1912)

Chilean artist who gained international fame for this painting, The Founding of Santiago.

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