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  1. posterior tibiofibular ligament
  2. False
  3. circumducts
  4. synchondrosis; synovial
  5. Inversion; eversion
  1. a A baseball player winding up for the pitch ______________ the shoulder.
  2. b ______________ tips the soles medially, like facing each other, and _____________ tips the soles laterally, away from each other.
  3. c Fibrous joints are joints at which two bones are united by hyaline cartilage
  4. d The joint between costal cartilage 1 and the sternum is a ____________, whereas the other costal cartilages are joined to the sternum by ____________ joints.
  5. e The _________________ does not belong to the tibiofemoral joint.

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  1. Raising an arm to one side of the body to stop a taxi is an example of ______________ of the shoulder.
  2. raise your hand and place it on the shoulder of a person standing in front of you involves _______________ of the shoulder
  3. Hinge joints, such as the tibiofemoral joint, are monaxial.
  4. Circumduction is limited to ball-and-socket
  5. The shoulder is stabilized mainly by the biceps brachii muscle on the anterior side of the arm.

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  1. acetabular labrumThe ________________ deepens the socket of the hip joint and helps stabilize the joint.


  2. condylarThe temporomandibular joint is a(n) _______________ joint.


  3. symphysisThe joint between L2 and L3 is a


  4. Synovial jointsThe temporomandibular joint is a(n) _______________ joint.


  5. distal radioulnar jointThe ________________ is not found in the elbow.