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  1. the radioulnar ligament.
  2. condylar
  3. the length of the bone.
  4. False
  5. flexion
  1. a These are all structures found in the shoulder joint except
  2. b When you hold out your hands with the palms up, ______________ of your wrists will tip your palms toward you.
  3. c Bursae are structures associated with fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial joints.
  4. d 37. The metacarpophalangeal joints at the base of the fingers are ________________ joints
  5. e Range of motion of a joint is normally determined by the following factors except

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  1. Which of the following is true of joints that are first-class levers?
  2. Fibrous joints are joints at which two bones are united by hyaline cartilage
  3. The epiphysis and diaphysis of a long bone in a child are bound by a
  4. Suppose you are looking at the back of your hand and you turn your fingers upward to admire a new ring. A motion employed in this would be
  5. Suppose you cup your hands to hold some water. This action would most likely involve

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  1. subpatellarThe ______________________ bursa does not belong to the glenohumeral joint.


  2. the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)These are all structures found in the shoulder joint except


  3. distal radioulnar jointThese are all structures found in the shoulder joint except


  4. these are fibrous joints____________________ are the most movable joints.


  5. arthrologyThe study of joint structure, function, and dysfunction is called