Chapter 1-3 Exam Review

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an area of cell death resulting from blockage of its blood supply
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what is the plural of septumseptawhat is septum latin forpartitioncan septum be deconstructednoare medical records legal documents? may they be used in court?yesa combining _____ joins a word root to another word elementvowelthe root pulmon- means whatlungwhen deconstructing a medical term, what is the order in which you identify the suffix, prefix and root?1. find the meaning of the suffix 2. find the meaning of the prefix 3. find the meaning of the rootdeconstruct the meaning of pericardiumperi- "around" cardium- "heart" the structure around the heartwhat does the suffix -pathy meandiseasewhat is the plural of calyxcaliceswhat is the plural of thoraxthoraceswhat is the plural of gangliongangliathe prefix uni- indicates whatnumberwhat is the difference between mucus and mucousmucus is the sticky secretion that is secreted from mucous glandsileum is whatthe third part of the small intestineilium is whata bone in the pelviswhat does the suffix -gram meanrecordwhat does the suffix -emia meancondition of the bloodwhat does the suffix -emic meanpertaining to the bloodmost medical terms have at least one ....?rootischemic tissue suffers from a lack of what flowbloodwhen a person cannot take fluids orally, they may need to recieve ____ fluidsIVwhich vowel cannot be used when combining medical termsya term that means to lay flat on the ground isprostratea term that refers to a gland that surrounds the male urethraprostatedeconstruct the term "hemopneumothorax"hem-o-pneum-o-thoraxthe term cervical refers to which two body parts?-uterine cervix -vertebrae (bones) of the necka ______ is the presence of air in the space that surrounds the lungs in the chestpneumothoraxthe medical term that refers to the organ where a fetus develops is ______ and means _____ in Latinuterus and wombthe term that means a fluid-filled cyst or a collection of nerve cells outside the brain and spinal cordgangliontrue or false: there is no anatomical structure called the prostrate glandtrue because it is the PROSTATE gland not prostratea bone in the spinal cord is calledvertebradeconstruct the term "catabolism"catabol-ismdeconstruct the term "respiratory"respir-atorylatin term for sinewtendonare cells involved with the fertilization of the sperm and egg?no, the zygote divides and creates cellsdeconstruct the term "therapeutic"therapeut-icwhat are the signals by which cells communicate with each other?chemicaldeconstruct the term "abdominal"abdomin-althe four primary tissue groups are:-muscle -epithelial -connective -nervouswhat connective tissue functions as a shock absorber and a gliding surface between two bones?cartilagewhat are organ systems composed oforganswhat are organs composed oftissueswhat are tissues composed ofcellswhat are cells composed oforganelleswhat are organelles composed ofmoleculeswhat are molecules composed ofatomsdeconstruct the term "skeletal"skelet-alwhat is the term for the upper region of the abdomen?epigastricdeconstruct the organ system for the muscular and skeletal systemmusculoskeletal -> muscul-o-skelet-aldeconstruct the term "intracellular"intra-cellul-ara nonvascular, firm connective tissue found mostly in jointscartilagedeconstruct the term "connective tissue"connect-ive tissuedeconstruct the term "arthroscopy"arthr-o-scopythe study of the structure and function of cells, tissues, and organs is...histologydeconstruct the term "histology"hist-o-logyfibrous tissue layer surrounding a joint or other structure is...capsulethe 4 suffixes that mean "pertaining to"-ar -al -ous -icdeconstruct the term "cranium"crani-umdeconstruct the term "integumentary"integument-arywhat is the latin term for bandligamentwhat is the greek term for crescentmeniscusdeconstruct "periosteum"peri-oste-umfibrous membrane covering boneperiosteumlatin term for "a covering"integumentband of fibrous tissue connecting two structuresligamentdeconstruct the term "anterior"anter-iora tissue consisting of contractile cellsmuscledeconstruct the term "umbilical"umbilic-aldeconstruct the term "mitochondria"mit-o-chondr-iadeconstruct the term "synovial"syn-ov-ialan increase in the diameter of the blood vessel isvasodilationplace the steps of wound healing in order:1. bleeding occurs, bringing clot factors 2. escaped blood forms a scab 3. new capillaries invade the clot 4. granulation tissue formsthe source of nutrition for growing hair is a structure in the follicle called the papillaselect the ways in which systemic therapies for skin disorders are administered-orally -by injection -intravenouslydeconstruct the term "excretion"ex-cret-ionplace the steps in order that would happen for a patient with a skin lesion1. dermatologist examines the lesion 2. a biopsy is performed 3. the specimen is sent to the lab for the pathologist to examine 4. results are sent to the dermatologistwhat are the topical therapies for skin disorders that are available over the counter?-lotrimin -lamisil -hydrocortisone creamwhich systemic therapy is used to treat metastatic skin cancer and widespread psoriasis?chemotherapyplace the layers of the epidermis in order from most superficial to deepest-stratum corneum -stratum lucidum -stratum granulosum -stratum spinosum -stratum basalethe term that means treatment using chemical agents ischemotherapywhat structures are found in the dermis?-nerves -blood vessels -sebaceous glands -sweat glands -collagen fibersdeconstruct the term "synthetic"syn-thet-icplace the three types of skin cancer in order from most likely to metastasize to least likely-malignant melanoma -squamous cell carcinoma -basal cell carcinomadeconstruct the term "excision"excis-ionin addition to fat, the hypodermis contains what else:-nerves -blood vesselsthe dermis is the location of sweat and ___ glands, ___ follicles and nail _____?sebaceous , hair , rootswhich 2 factors make it more difficult for the elderly to regulate their body temperatures?-sweat production decreases -the subcutaneous fat layer decreaseswhat is systemic lupus erythematosus?autoimmune disease with a characteristic butterfly rash and other skin lesions; it also attacks multiple internal organswhat is rosacea?produces a similar rash on the face as systemic lupus but has no systemic complicationswhat is scleroderma?an autoimmune disease characterized by shrinking and hardening of the skin, joint stiffness and pain; vital organs also undergo a similar process"port wine stain" or "stork bite" birthmarks are produced byvascular nevideconstruct the term "toxicity"tox-ic-itya superficial burn is a what degree burn?firstwhat is jock itchtinea cruriswhat is athletes foot?tinea pediswhat are the two terms that refer to ringworm?tinea capitis, tinea corporisthe removal of burned, dead tissue is called __________. this is an extremely important treatment to prevent infection in burn patientsdebridementdeconstruct the term "infectious"infect-iouswhat does a staph infection NOT cause?scabieswhat is contact dermatitis?results from direct skin contact with an irritant or allergenwhat is atopic or allergic dermatitis?due to exposure with allergens, like nickel jewelrywhat is eczema dermatitis?general term for inflamed, itchy skin conditions; scratching leads to dry, red, scaly patchesWhat is seborrheic dermatitis?red rash with overlying yellow, oily scales due to excess oilwhat is stasis dermatitis?occurs in the lower leg due to decreased venous return and fluid accumulationwhen a bacterial skin infection is severe, a systemic what may be required to effectively treat it?antibioticwhat is the term for skin disorders that dermatologists fix?dermatologicwhats metastasis?noun that means the spread of a disease from one part of the body to anotherwhat is metastasize?verb that means to spread to distant partswhat does metastatic mean?adjective that means pertaining to the character of cells that can metastasizewhat does malignant mean?adjective that describes a tumor that invades surrounding tissues and metastasizeswhat is the source of shingles?herpes-zoster viruswhat is the cause of impetigo?Staphwhat is the cause of athlete's foot?tinea pedis funguswhat is the cause of scabies?parasitic miteswhat is the cause of warts?papilloma virusthe reason it hurts when you pull out a hair is because the follicle is attached to...a nervethe glands that secrete a mixture of water, salt and small amounts of waste aresweat glandswhat skin disorder is commonly followed by scleroderma?breast cancerwhat skin disorder is commonly followed by Kaposi sarcoma?HIV/Aidswhat is common with herpes zoster?often appears in frail, elderly or immunocompromised patientswhat disease is dermatomyositis associated with?ovarian cancerwhat is impetigo?infection that produces thick, yellow crusts on the skinwhat is a carbuncle and what is it characterized by?infection of multiple hair follicles, typically in the neckwhat is cellulitis?infection of subcutaneous tissuethe herpes zoster virus produces painful vesicles and is also known as....shinglesthe skin disorder associated with HIV is called whatKaposi sarcomathe medical term that means the study of the causes of a disease isetiologythe suffix in the term carcinoma means what (2 answers)tumor or massa tear or jagged wound of the skin caused by blunt trauma, not a cutlacerationthe term excision means what?surgical removal.... of part of a structurewhat is a bacterial infection of the nails called? bacteria.. not fungusparonychiaa mass of fibrin and cells that prevents excess loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel is a....clottwo more names for the infection caused by Candida albicans are whatthrush and a yeast infectiondeconstruct the term "malignancy"malign-ancydescribe a creamwater-based, soothing, cooling, and well tolerateddescribe a lotionwater-based with a drying, cooling effectwhat is the free edge nail structure?the part of the nail that extends to, or past, the tip of the fingerwhat is the nail body?the part of the nail between the root and free edgewhat is the nail matrix?region where cell division occurswhat is the nail plate?consists of the nail root, body, and free edgewhat is a cuticle for the nails?skin at the base of the nail that protects the nail matrixwhat is a nail fold?skin around the sides and bottom of the naileach hair in the skin grows in a small sac-like mass of cells called...follicledeconstruct the term "dermabrasion"derm-abras-iondeconstruct the term "dermascope"derma-scopedeconstruct the term "systemic"system-ica small protuberance on the skin containing pus is a...pustulenonliving _______ at the base of the fingernails and toenails is called _______epidermis . cuticledeconstruct the term "cutaneous"cutan-e-ousa ________ is an infection of many hair follicles, typically on the neckcarbunclekaposi sarcoma is whatskin cancera congenital lesion of the skin that is referred to as a birthmark is whatnevusthe medical term for wart isverrucaverrucas are caused byvirusesa ______ is another term for blister. it is a small sac filled with liquid on the skin surfacevesiclea raised, irregular, lumpy scar due to excess collagen formation during wound healing is called...keloida small flat spot on the skin, often seen in patients with chickenpox is a ....maculea bacterial infection of subcutaneous connective tissue is called ...cellulitisthe term that refers to the junction between the skin and mucous membrane is...mucocutaneouswhat is a papulea small elevation of the skinthe term _____ comes from the Latin term for pimplepapule